Hello Friends!

Welcome to our FIRST blog post! We've got some exciting news to share with everyone... Missy & I have launched a new SPRING Shop! We can't wait to wear all the new designs with you! You can NOW purchase from the Spring shop by visiting: www.twotiasskateapparel.com We will continue to make handmade items, accessories and stickers to sell in our Etsy Shop: www.twotiasskate.com


Why two shops/websites? We are a blend of custom handmade items and bulk items. So we launched the Spring store to help with generating revenue, so that we may continue to create the handmade items we love! Helping to keep our POC ideas and business alive.


What's the Two-Tias Truck? Well... ICEBOX is expanding the Two-Tias name to include a Food Truck! ICEBOX is a chef at heart and wants to share the blend of their heritage through taste. Eventually the idea is to truck to skate events, local meet-ups and give back by hosting food drives. Two-Tias is Vegan Friendly and Farm Fresh.


This family business will be coast to coast in 2022. Missy is relocating back home to CA at the end of 2021. ICEBOX will remain in VA and continue to run the home base, daily operations. Ideally we’d host skate events, local meet-ups and pop-up shops on both coasts.  

Two-Tias is all about the Tia (Auntie) vibes, and Tia knows that gratitude goes a long way... so we want to THANK every single person who has supported us over the years. Your support means the world to us. THANK YOU for your purchase. We’re so lucky to have VALUED customers like you! We look forward to serving YOU again in the future!  



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