Double Vision.

Two-Tias Skate & Food Truck.

We want to bring authentic Tex-Mex food (organic & vegan friendly) to skate parks, competitions, venues, and festivals. Skating is all about sharing what you already got! Some of us have talents on 8 wheels, like Missy, and others like ICEBOX is cooking, and to sum it up... we love skating, fashion, and food. SO naturally it's what we want to do full-time.

ICEBOX bought an acre of land in Warrenton, Virginia. It's been 6 years of dreaming of turning their backyard into a skate space for the community. Future thoughts of a country B&B vibe for skaters. We'll have a vegetable garden, ramps, a flat freestyle/street skate area, a built-in BBQ area... the works! A weekend getaway also known as Two-Tias Skate headquarters! Our plans & map for this property are just dreams for now and we dream BIG.

The skate shop could be a storefront one day but I would love to see our products in other shops first. This would best serve our community by collaboration with other skate businesses. Apparel won't be our only focus, it is just our first. We have already done all the work for the Food Truck, we are just waiting to earn enough to make that dream a reality.

Alright, a Skate Apparel Shop & Food Truck...

How does this tie into being a Team Skater? Two-Tias Skate is made up of skaters, duh. Anyone we add to the team will be considered a team skater. We'd love for them to feel a part of our team, as we grow our business. It will take a team of individuals to make this a reality. So to start, we wanted to open up our social media pages to our team, provide them with TTSA merch, and a discount to shop at Bruised Boutique. It's a safe place to grow a community, share ideas & come together to provide for other skaters and/or organizations.

To be honest our sisterhood is such a blessing. We support each other and our dreams to create on all levels. Doing this together makes it awesome, the fact we all skate, makes this even sweeter. Working full-time for ourselves has been scary, and even more so during uncertain times. It took a lot of effort, time, and energy to get to where we are now and we hope that everyone is proud of us and the products we create for our community.

Thanks for taking a chance on us DREAMERS. Thank you for supporting our ideas, shop, and US! XO, ICEBOX & Missy