Two-Tias Skate is thankful for every moment we shared with the community. Go after the dream that is TTS is something that we look forward to daily. 

Your support means so much to us. Thank you for helping keep our shop alive! Here is what happened in 2022 and what we are looking forward to in 2023.

2022 Recap

  • Etsy Shop- 2,797 shop visits
  • Reached 1.7K followers on Instagram
  • Collaborated with community artists, groups and shops to provide raffles for Glow Skate Nite
  • Hosted our IG story as a bulletin
  • TTSA Valentines giveaway, Missy’s 5K giveaway
  • Free skate trip packing checklist
  • Comic Logic Comic Lot Con- vending event
  • TTSA trips to NYC: Disco Oasis, Flipper’s World Roller Boogie Palace
  • Glow Skate Night- monthly event series
  • RC22 (RollerCon)- Las Vegas, NV
  • East Coast Scramble- Skate Camp Experience at Belle Air Field
  • Sponsored Missy Mayhem on a trip to Denver for the BIPOC Bowl- Roller Derby Tournament

2023 Goals

  • Apparel/Accessory line release
  • TikTok- How to series
  • YouTube- skate videos
  • Vending opportunities
  • East Coast Scramble 2023 
  • Black History Month
  • May- Roller Balance & Movement class
  • June- Glow Skate Nite
  • Worldwide Rollout Day (July 11th)
  • Aug 21st- TTSA Anniversary Skatepark pop-up event
  • RC23 (RollerCon August 23rd - 27th, 2023)- Las Vegas, NV

Want to collaborate with us this year? Send us an email at